Meet the PitchDrive II Cohort

We received 218 applications from startups in 20+ countries across Africa. Here are the 10 African tech founders selected to embark on a trip through five of Asia's most advanced tech ecosystems, to learn, and make connections that would take their startups to the next level.

Access Afya is an outcomes-assured, data-driven primary health enterprise. They are making healthcare easy and affordable for residents of Nairobi's informal settlements through a chain of micro-clinics, diagnostic centres and pharmacies.

  • Mellisa Menke

  • Founder

Enova Robotics is the first company in the EMEA region leveraging AI to deploy mobile robots for surveillance purposes. Enova’s flagship robot, the P-Guard a is capable of performing autonomous patrol/surveillance for 8 to 10 hours on a single charge.

  • Ben Farhat Radhouane

  • Co-founder

RelianceHMO is Nigeria's first tech-driven insurance company aimed at providing innovative and affordable health care solutions. Through telemedicine, data science and analytics, RelianceHMO is able to provide quality and affordable health insurance in Nigeria.

  • Matthew Mayaki

  • Co-founder

CHIL Artificial Intelligence Lab is the largest and only E-oncology services provider in Uganda. CHIL leverages AI and Machine learning to extend essential healthcare services to the poor and those in hard to reach areas in Uganda. Using AI, their mobile application is able to detect, and interpret results for breast and cervical cancer.

  • Dr. Nabuuma Shamim

  • Founder

Casky is the first and only African startup providing innovative safety solutions aimed at keeping two-wheeled riders safe. Casky has built an IoT device attachable to the back of any helmet and serves as a brake light, turn signal and alerts other motorists on the road about the direction of travel, helping to reduce accidents.

  • Abid Khirani

  • Founder

Flare has built an uber-like consumer-facing app called Rescue that allows patients to see nearby emergency/ambulance options and request help quickly. Currently, they operate the largest network of ambulances throughout Kenya and provide hundreds of life-saving emergency responses each month.

  • Caitlin Dolkart

  • Co-founder

Taeillo is a home-fashion brand that specializes in the design, manufacturing and sales of modern African furniture. Taeillo is also Nigeria’s first indigenous brand using Augmented Reality (AR) to create a more immersive experience for shoppers.

  • Jumoke Dada

  • Founder

AC Group provides smart transport solutions that ease the burden of public transport. Their flagship product, Tap & Go is a payment card used across all public buses in Kigali. Currently, they have over 1.8 million users in Rwanda, have expanded to Cameroon and are running pilots across 3 other African cities.

  • Phillip Ngarambe

  • Co-founder

RLIFI-LED uses wireless optical networking technology(LiFi) that makes use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to transmit data/internet, electricity and educational content to rural areas across Africa. LIFI-LED currently operates in 5 countries and provides electricity, educational content and internet to over 7500 people.

  • Balma Ange

  • Co-founder

Gricd is West Africa’s first indigenous mobile, smart cold chain solutions company. Gricd builds last mile smart cold chain solutions that facilitates the effective storage and transportation of temperature sensitive commodities.

  • Oghenetega Lortim

  • Founder

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