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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pitch drive?

CcHUB Pitch drive, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs is an initiative that will engage 15 of Africaโ€™s top tech start-ups on a tour of exciting tech cities in Europe to pitch to investors, explore international opportunities and learn about frontier technology markets.

What startups are eligible to participate?

To be eligible to participate, startup (must):

  • Be a tech start-up based in Africa.
  • Be a legally registered enterprise able to demonstrate a minimum of 12 months revenue-generating operations.
  • Demonstrate income generation of minimum $100,000 in the last 12 months.
  • Founder/ CEO must be available to tour from 14th of August to 6th of September
  • Be willing to contribute $3,000 towards the overall cost of the trip

How many startups will be selected for the tour?

15 elite startups from across Africa will be carefully selected to go on the tour.

Are applications open to only Nigerian startups?

No, applications are open to all African tech based startups.

Which five European tech cities will the startups visit?

The startups will be hosted in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and Paris.

What are the benefits to participating startups?

  • Meet and share experience with other pioneering start-up founders from across Africa
  • Opportunity to showcase their businesses to over 300 investors
  • Explore international opportunities and learn from Europeโ€™s frontier tech markets
  • Be part of a drive aiming to collectively raise a minimum of โ‚ฌ20 million
  • Participate in carefully curated training sessions facilitated by renowned experts
  • Build a strong business network across Europe and expose their start-up to millions of viewers through the PitchDrive Diary show on Youtube.

Can I apply as an individual?

No. Only startups are eligible to participate.

Can startups apply more than once?

One application is all a startup needs to participate.

Are there selection criterias for startups?

Yes. Check out the apply page

Is it free to go on the tour?

The tour isnโ€™t free for startups. Startups are expected to pay a sum of $3,000 per person towards the overall cost of the trip.

How much is each startup required to contribute?

Interested startups must be willing to contribute $3,000 per person towards the overall cost of the trip.

Whatโ€™s the maximum number of people allowed to participate from each startup?

A maximum number of two people are allowed to participate from each startup.

What is the duration of the tour?

The three week tour is scheduled for 14th of August to 6th of September, 2017.

Is there a deadline for the application?

Yes, application closes on June 18, 2017.

As an investor, how can I participate?

Kindly visit the investors page for more information on how to participate as an investor.

Can I invest in startups as an individual?

Yes. Through our open pitch events, individuals can invest between โ‚ฌ1,000-โ‚ฌ15,000 in startups of their choice. Visit the crowdfunding page for more information on how to participate.

Can startups who have been in operation for less than 2 years apply?

Only startups who have been in operation for no less than 2 years can apply.

Do startups have to submit any company documents during application?

Startups do not need to submit any company documents during the application process. All startups will be required to do is fill out the application form with relevant information.

Do startups have to process their own visa?

We will be handling visa processing for startups.

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